Contractors and Electricians Respond to Ontario Announcement on Skilled Trades

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Protecting and promoting the value of the skilled trades is essential to ensuring Ontario’s economy thrives and the province remains open for business, says the Electrical Contractors Association of Ontario (ECAO) and the IBEW Construction Council of Ontario (IBEWCCO).

“As the contractors who help build our province’s homes, hospitals, airports, schools and other important structures, we hope to engage in discussions with the Ontario government to ensure any modernization of apprenticeship reflects the importance of training and safety,” says Graeme Aitken, Executive Director of the ECAO. He was responding to the government’s recent announcement concerning plans to modernize Ontario’s apprenticeship system.

Aitken says his contractors are successful in their businesses because they use certified electricians who have the skills and the training to do the job safely and effectively, protecting the public and workers as well as ensuring value for money.

“We provide the highest standard of training, including the use of the most modern equipment and technology to ensure our apprentices will be prepared for a rewarding and successful career. We have the highest completion rates in the province,” says James Barry, Executive Chairman of IBEWCCO.

“Moving forward, it will be important the Ontario government work with all stakeholders including groups like the Electrical Safety Authority to ensure that proper mechanisms are in place to prevent anyone from doing dangerous electrical work without the proper training and certification,” added John Grimshaw, Executive Secretary Treasurer of IBEWCCO.

About Joint Electrical Promotion Plan (JEPP)

JEPP is a partnership of the ECAO and IBEWCCO belong to the Joint Electrical Promotion Plan which advocates the value of training and certification to ensure Ontario’s building are wired safely and effectively. Both organizations are also active members of their communities supporting numerous charities. The ECAO represents more than 500 contractors ranging from the largest electrical contracting companies in the province to mid-size and small family-owned businesses. The IBEW represents more than 17,000 certified electricians, power line technicians, communication technicians and apprentices. This unique partnership benefits the province with its no strike, no lockout agreements and guarantee of certified trades professionals.