Electricity is the essential ingredient in almost every aspect of modern life. It has to be safe and reliable, now and for the future.

That’s why the ECAO/IBEW team is the trusted source for electrical work that is critical in hospitals, schools, businesses, and transportation networks.

Cutting Edge Electrical Systems for Safer Airports

Power is Freedom

An electrical system as complex as the one at Pearson Airport could only have been built by the best trained electrical workers in the world. Over 1,100 members of IBEW Local 353 spent 3 years putting together Terminal 1 alone.

Electricity Designed to Heal

Power Saves Lives

When lives are on the line, and it has to be done right, only the advanced skills training and reliability of ECAO contractors and IBEW electricians will do.

Historic Bridge Lights Up Community

Power Builds Pride

An important historic landmark gains new relevance as a community icon and tourist attraction when a custom lighting system brings it to life.

Powering a Mine That Fuels an Economy

Power Builds Prosperity

ECAO contractors and IBEW electricians build, maintain, and continually upgrade the essential electrical systems that keep an economic mainstay working safely.

Making a Country Rock Sound That’s Bigger Than Ever

Powered for Sound

Without reliable electrical power, it would be harder to enjoy our favourite music. From the recording studio to giant outdoor music festivals, power helps the sound reach everyone, loud and clear.

Supporting Communities
Where We Work

Powering Local Charities

ECAO contractors like Eptcon live and shop in local communities for months, sometimes years at a time. They are also so committed to giving back that’s it’s built into every project they do.

How Municipalities Can Save When Building New Infrastructure

Powering Community Improvement

Because ECAO + IBEW do it right the first time, we provide better value to your taxpayers. Learn what to look for when hiring General Contractors for major construction projects.

Bid to Win
On Infrastructure Construction

Powering Business Growth

Rob Boisvert from ECAO Contractor Industrial Electrical Contractors Ltd. in Kingston shares his experience on bidding to win large contracts for major infrastructure construction projects.